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Why to go for Career Counseling?

In the contemporary world of education students have so many options in the form of diverse courses to pick and choose from. With so many choices available students get confused more often than not. This is because in general most of the students don’t realize their true potential immediately after completion of their schooling. As a result they are very likely to take wrong decision pertaining to choosing the right course. For all such confused souls the need of the hour is to be in touch with educational consultants providing valuable career counseling.

Career counseling involves a step by step procedure which is followed to ensure that you make the right career decision. This procedure begins by meeting the respective candidate to know more about his or her capabilities, interests, strong points and weak points. Keeping these points about the candidate in mind, he or she is given a filtered list of courses along with the best institutes offering these courses. After this, the student is provided with important information about each institute and admission procedure.

Once the student is able to zero down on a particular course and respective college conducting it, an admission consultant ensures that you possess all the required documents which are necessary for getting admission. He will also help you in obtaining each and every document in a hassle free manner. As most of the superior colleges follow a strict admission procedure involving hurdles like percentage cutoff, personal interview and GD (group admission), it becomes quite difficult for prospective candidates to get admission, thanks to the prevailing tough competition. Students are tested for various aspects like clarity of thought, aptitude, confidence level and most importantly communication skills. The rise in demand for polished candidates by corporate world; students seeking admission in MBA, Engineering, Medical & other professional courses should exhibit reasonably good soft skills as well.

With existence of education consultant like guidance you should not worry about these obstacles.  Guidance being the leading institute in the world of career counseling provides sufficient inputs to their client (candidate) to crack even the most difficult of interviews and GDs. Thus, if you as a student are seeking reliable and appropriate advice and counseling pertaining to your career decisions get in touch with Career Guardian to fix a meeting with its counselors. Consultations offered by guidance are very valuable for your entire professional life and will help you meet all your career goals in a smooth and leveled manner. 


What is the secret of being successful, do you know the secret, please tell me, please. We all have asked this question at least one time in our life. Here are some proven techniques of being successful.

Think, think and rethink again; What you want to become in your life. Visualize your goal again and again and you will see a drastic change in your daily activities. Goal keeps you on a same track and it will only end when you have reached your goal.

Stick to a goal or objective and make efforts to execute it. Goal setting sets your mind in a single direction and you are left with only one option. If you are not careful in setting a goal then you cannot stick to it. You should have clear thoughts in your mind.

Achievement is far from you but imagine for a while that you have achieved your goal and whole crowd is clapping for you. This imagination activates your inner power and you are drive by a force called motivational force.

You have to work daily for it, you cannot miss a day if you do this you cannot call it back. Plan daily what you have to do to reach successfully there. Daily work for it and this will strengthen your route for success.

Develop a momentum in your daily actions. Perform your duties on time and avoid missing any opportunity. Channelize your energy for a particular work and avoid wasting time in unnecessary task.

   Parents don’t pressurize

Choosing right career at the right time is very essential, as it can either make your carrer or can destroy your career. I feel after Class-X, students should choose and set their mind about their future. Recent days it is seen that many students are unable to take the pressure of education and ended up by doing suicide.

I feel that parents should not pressurize their children and should not force them to do Engineering and Doctorate courses without consulting with their Childs. Let the children to decide the course as per their wish, parents and teachers should tell them about all the availabilities and possibilities

  i am articulating the philosophy of Thomas harris.My professor told this today in our class and I am very much influenced.I hope dear folks it is very useful for you all.
While doing any work one needs to consider these four factors:

1.)I AM O.K---YOU ARE O.K: While doing any work Firstly, you should be happy with the work given to you. Sometimes you expect work which will prove the talent inside you. But unfortunately you may be given a job of less importance, Take that as a challenge and give out the best possible. When you are in a team, give prior importance to all your teammates. Beware of the comfort of your subordinates and your higher officials and also the customer.


2.)I AM NOT O.K---YOU ARE O.K: If any of your colleagues is absent or any extra work is given to you then be patient. Sometimes you may not be happy in doing work or you may be overburdened with work, try to do the possible work with patience and make up your mind in such a way that you love the work and make your officials happy.


3.)I AM O.K---YOU ARE NOT O.K: If you just look for your comfort and do not bother about the status of others then it is nothing but putting yourself into troubles. The other people around you will also treat you in that manner and obviously it is you who need to suffer.

4.)I AM NOT O.K---YOU ARE NOT O.K: This is the loser’s way. You are not satisfied with your work and you do not want others to do better work than you. You won’t do and you won’t let others do. People of this kind are the first to lose their careers


My secret is here-

“ I don’t put myself under pressure. I
know what to do and I go and execute.“

Students those want there dreams come true need to prioritize, setting practical long-term goals and by achieving them through short-term goals. This is the mantra to be a successful student.

 Want to be a successful student

 I often told you earlier have a strong base,non be convinced at others even me,what ever others may say, you must not be shakened.You should be in your own strand.You have the power with you,you have the blessings with you,you have the patience with you.Ahh i missed patience is very naughty one,she is bit restless if you loose it you are totally lost,else it may chain to success.Now i think my self why i type all these things,i am not a professor,lecturer.This is not a career guidance.This is guidance to your self.

Simply dream~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am not talking about night dream.Its your personal affairs,what ever it may be have a good sleep with sweet dreams.My focus is at realistic day dreaming.Dr Jose silva (late) a lost diamond of phsycatrics,told dreams come true.Let his words be true or false,what ever may be lets have some dream ,it doesnt matters a paise or a cent.Just have a dream of your future,i mean your circumstances,your dress,car,position,your pride,your style,your girl friend.Dream benefits out of your career (mainly),what ever benefits you may recieve just dream it man.ohhhhhhh dont make others to call you mad,i take no guarantee if hmmm such thing happen so.Adidas a famous brand ya? Lets expand it,oh no it have its own expansion,from those bits of words we will be able to explain how adidas started up &now a world leading sports goods maker.All Day I Dream About Sports.

 Next step is to acquire some knowledge&information about your career.Some basic knowledge only.Try to contact some one who is expertise in that field.They will guide you through.Try to implement your ideas in it.Remember what ever field you are intersted in it ,if you are outstanding in it you can fly over the world of success.Next step is to implement is practical skill,which is certainly lacked by mordern youth.They should be acquainted with enough of practical skill.There are no such institution which gives you practical knowledge&skill.It can only be gained by your own experience.Learning from a driving school is far more different from learning near a taxi driver.He will give you practical idea while driving,instead driving school will have a spoon feeding system.If for eg driving school teacher may tell you always drive by left side,dont over speed etc.A taxi driver instead will tell you ,"if there are no vehicles in road you can drive in centre".If you are a driver of ambulance or fire fighter,over speed is unevitable.People leaving in forests(aadivaasi) are more expertise in weather forcasting than those scientists in weather forcasting station who keeps on telling "there will be chances to rain or not to rain".Their relies importance of practical skill &ability.No shortcuts,develop by yourself according to your circumstances.Of course financial status may threaten a bit but not much.If your desire is more nothing can prevent you

What all you need??????

Four faculties for you
I think,the following four guidelines may bring you success in your life.
If you want to comprehense or digest a matter to your perfection &to have your own ideas
Acquire 25% of the matter from expertise(teachers,proffessors scholars etc).
Next 25% from your friends(through debates,disscusion etc).
Next 25% from self thinking(your conclusions).
Next 25% be a secret for the moment.


 What ever we feel diffficult in this world is our superstition,we need to be tough &gentle at our lives.having some patience,is far more plus.When ever we feel difficult to do something,just think of blind,deaf etc who are living smartly in this world.How they are living with enthusiasm,they leave with their own determination to live,inspite of circumstances.If they can do why do we?.Make some challenges achieve it.Let first it be some small one,like acheiving 90%marks,promotion,successfull projects etc.Then increase the level to become a millionare.Remember this requires a lot of patience.Henry Ford-started at a work shop earlier in U.S. Now his vision turned to one of the world leading motor company.Now i wish to tell you from my own experience in my life never deny to show others your ignorance.It will save&serve you in future.Please forgive my grammer ,iam not a master at english like Now i will point outmany celebrities who can be made roll model in your life,Amitabhbachchan,Sachin tendulkar,Bill gates,Dheeru bai ambani etc.Its better to be roll model of your self instead of someone else .I advice you to do so.So firstly what ever ambition,you may have,what ever high may it range,be tough on it &be gentle with some patience. Secondly never loose your interst in it,dont be exhausted at others words,of course give a ear to others ,take it if you feel good,else leave it through next ear.Thirdly visualize&imagination your future mith more coincedence to reality.Visualize with faith.Dream transfer to thoghts&thoghts result in action.Believe in your self.In my following sessions i will explain further steps to achieve your world.

Acheiving the impossible!!!

 There are numerous factors on which your success depends no matter which school or college you have joined. Students should understand and set there short and long terms goals properly. For example: you have a quiz next week and you have participated in it. So your short term goals are to study well for your quiz competitions and clear it with good result. So you have a plan accordingly, give some two hours for your quiz preparation and rest time you focus on your different subjects. Now what are your long term goals, you want to get first position in your class, then you have to set specific measurable and realistic long term goals

Many students find it difficult to lead a successful student life. But there are many ways by which students can be successful in their student life.

Students should list out all important topics; properly define the target date and time on which you are going to finish those topics. Always prioritizes the things this definitely enhances chance for success in your academic career.

You must also concentrate and set social, personal, and academic goals. Some of the social goals include likes you want to be friendlier with all your classmates; you want to be more culturally aware and want to be more comfortable in a social gathering etc. Personal goals includes some kind of entertainments like exercising, having balanced diet, saving your pocket money etc., this helps you in boosting up your mood and you will concentrate more on studies after some entertainment

Always keep tracing your goals, whether you are achieving the targets on time. Find out things where you think you need more improvement and timely revise your set goals. Always have your ideal personality in your mind while setting any of your goals. So that you will get self motivated and do the things in proper way.